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 Creating a character

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All starting characters will be Novice level. Please keep in mind that the time period is the 1880's so don't even think about lasers.

Here are a new edge and hindrance that you can use for your characters.. (from the Pulp GM Toolkit)

Explorer (Professional)
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d6+, Survival d8+
There are two extremes of climate in the world, and this character has endured them both and lived to tell the tale.
He gains a +2 bonus to Survival rolls. In addition, he has a +2 bonus to Vigor rolls made to resist the effects of hot and cold climates.

Xenophobic (Major)
Whether because of simple ignorance or from past dealings, the character has a dislike of all cultures other than his own and finds dealing with them unpleasant at best. He suffers a -4 penalty to Charisma when dealing with foreigners. Openly voicing his xenophobic beliefs, something he finds hard to control, may lead to confrontation or ostracism.
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Creating a character
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