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Nameless Sidekick

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PostSubject: Karben Haavore   Karben Haavore EmptyWed Sep 09, 2009 3:12 pm

Species: Vurk
Class: Scoundrel 1
Spd: 6 squares; Swim 4
Breathe Underwater;
Expert Swimmer - (can reroll any swim checks, must take second result; take 10 on swim checks)
Placid - (Once per encounter as a free action, remove one fear effect effecting him)
Nomads - (can reroll any survival check, must take second result)
Languages: Basic and Semblan

Str 12 / Dex 13 / Con 18 / Int 16 / Wis 13 / Cha 20

Fortitude: 14
Reflex: 13
Will: 12
BaB: +0
Force Points: 5
Hit Points: 22

Skills: (7 trained)
Deception (cha) +10
Initiative (dex) +6
Perception (wis) +6
Persuasion (cha) +10
Pilot (dex) +6
Stealth (dex) +6
Use Computer (int) +8

Weapon Proficiency: Simple;
Weapon Proficiency: Pistol;
Point Blank Shot;
Informer: may use persuasion for any gather information skill checks;

Knack: Once per day, may reroll any skill check, taking the higher roll.

Blaster Pistol (3d6 dmg; 2d6 stun; 1kg; Single Shot; Energy).
Datapad (company);
Encrypted 3d holographic comlink (company).
Credstick - 600 credits.
6G-AP Protocol Droid; Designation: KelTu(company).
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Karben Haavore
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