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PostSubject: Ki Esa Pender   Ki Esa Pender EmptyWed Sep 09, 2009 10:24 am

Species: Cerean
Class: Jedi 1
Spd: 6 squares
Intuitive Initiative - May reroll any initiative check. must take second roll.
Languages: Basic and Cerean

Str 10 / Dex 12 / Con 16 / Int 16 / Wis 20 / Cha 14

Fortitude: 14
Reflex: 12
Will: 16
BaB: +1
Force Points: 5
Hit Points: 33

Skills: (5 trained)
Acrobatics (dex) +6
Initiative (dex) +11
Perception (wis) +10
Pilot (dex) +6
Use the Force (wis) +10

Weapon Proficiency: Simple;
Weapon Proficiency: lightsaber;
Force Sensitivity;
Force Training: Gain Wisdom Mod +1 Force Powers;
Skill Focus: Initiative (+5 bonus to initiative checks)

Disciplined strike: may exclude a number of targets equal to your Wisdom modifier from any force power with a cone effect.

Force Powers:
Force Slam [][]
Mind Trick [][]
Move Object []
Surge []

Lightsaber (green blade, presented by master; 2d8 dmg; 1kg; Energy & Slashing).
All Temperature Cloak (+5 Fort vs. extreme heat and cold).
Utility Belt (several pouches containing: a 3 day supply of food caps, a medpack, a tool kit, a spare power pack,
a spare energy cell, a glow rod, a comlink, a liquid cable dispenser with a small grappling hook, and a couple of empty pouches).
Blaster Pistol (3d6 dmg; 2d6 stun; 1kg; Single Shot; Energy).
Credstick - 50 credits
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Ki Esa Pender
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