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PostSubject: Combat Info   Combat Info EmptySat Aug 15, 2009 9:05 am

[NOTE: This isn't everything, but should help if you don't have the rule book. If there is something you want to try that is not listed just let me know.]

Determined by drawing cards each round. Order starts Ace to Deuce. Jokers are "wild" and allows that player to choose when to go... even interrupting another person's turn.

A round is 6 seconds so don't expect to do a great amount of activity in a single turn.

You can choose to hold when it comes to your turn in the initiative order. You can interrupt at any time while you are on hold. If you hold to the end of the round, then the next round you won't draw a card for initiative but remain on hold.

You can perform one action a round. If you choose, you can perform multiple actions in a round with a -2 being applied for each additional action added to all your actions that round. [Example: if you do 2 actions then both will be at -2, 3 actions then all three are at -4, etc...]

Some actions are free. Movement is free. Speaking a few sentences is free. These don't count towards multiple actions. [Example: Moving forward 6", Shooting at an enemy and yelling, "Time to die sucker!" does not count as a multiple action round.]

Normal pace is 6".
Crawling = 2" and counts as being prone.
Crouching = 3" and attackers get -1 to hit you.
Going Prone = free action. Counts as medium cover (-2). Getting up cost 2" of movement.
Running = add 1d6" to movment. -2 to all actions.

Short: -0
Medium: -2
Long: -4

Light: -1
Medium: -2
Heavy: -4
Dim light: -1
Dark: -2

Normal shooting
Aim: +2, can't move that turn
Called shots
Defend: +2 parry, no other actions
Disarm: -2 attack, opposed rolls
Full Defense: Fighting replaces parry if higher
Supressive Fire
Wild Attack: +2 fighting, +2 damage, -2 parry
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Combat Info Default2

Posts : 125
Join date : 2009-08-05
Age : 48
Location : Arkham Asylum

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Info   Combat Info EmptySun Aug 16, 2009 8:32 am

Understanding damage...

When you score a hit you roll for the damage of the weapon. If your damage roll is higher than your targets Toughness then you do damage.

If the target is in "normal" status then they become Shaken.

When you are Shaken you can only move at half your Pace and take no actions (including running). At the start of your turn you can make a Spirit roll to recover. If you fail, then you remain Shaken. If you succeed, you are no longer Shaken, but that ends your turn. "Wild Cards" may use a benny to speed their recovery and have a normal action in the turn they recover from Shaken.

If you take more damage while Shaken, then this damage becomes a wound. "Extras" (which are most NPCs) can only take one wound before becoming incapacitated.

"Wild Cards" can take 3 wounds before becoming incapacitated, the 4th causing incapacitation. Each wound causes a cumulative wound of -1 to Pace and -1 to all trait rolls.
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Combat Info
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